Sit on Top kayaking in Slovenia is one of the most popular best activities in the region. River difficulty rating is from I to V and therefore suitable for beginners as well as experienced kayakers. The difficulty is selected based on your pre-kayaking knowledge. We offer offer sit-on-top kayaks, which are very suitable for beginners and give them an unforgettable experience. Sit-on-top kayaking is fun and safe for anyone who has first contact with kayaking on the river.

Small groups
Licensed guides
Personal approach
Excellent equipment


Volarje - Tolmin 42€

1,5h on the river


Sit on Top kayaking in Slovenia

Kayaking equipment that we provide

Equipment is a very important part of outdoor activities like rafting, it provides you comfort and more than that safety. That is why in Azimut Center we give you only the best of it. Mostly equipment that you get is not older than 2 years.

If you get cold you can't enjoy the activity, that's why you will have 3,5 mm thick neoprene on a sunny day a 7 mm thick neoprene for colder rainy days. You also get 5 mm neoprene shoes, and anorak for the upper part of your body. At the end there comes a special life jacket, for buoyancy and helmet for the protection of your head.

Soča and Tolminka river

Part of river Soča that runes close to Tolmin is calmer than upper part near Bovec and Kobarid, but no less beautiful. You can find amazing places right next to, crystal clear emerald-green water where you can spend the whole day jumping and having fun with your friends and family. Because of easier level rapids, this part is perfect for more entry-level rafting and kayaking trips, suitable also for families with small children. Furthermore in Tolmin, you can also visit another river running right from the Triglav National Park.

River Tolminka will leave you speechless, whit it's amazing Tolminka gorges that are one of the most popular sightseeing in Soča Valley. Tolminka gorges are the lowest point of Triglav National Park, and inside you can see attractions like Bear's head, Devil's bridge and even hot spring of thermal water. Believe us, it truly is worth visiting.

Sit on Top kayaking in Slovenia