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Never done canyoning before? In that case, Sušec is a very good canyon to start with. Easy access by the old military path (20 min walking), shortly brings us to the canyon's entrance. Carved and shaped by the water over the past thousands of years, this canyon surely leaves you without breath. Sliding over the waterfalls, and jumping into the pools with crystal clear water, will make you fall in love with this activity, as well as with the unspoiled nature surrounding you. The descent through the gorge lasts about 2 hours and ends up with a long rappel over the highest waterfall which is 11m high. Indeed one of the best family activities, we have to offer.

GROUP SIZE: 8 people per guide
MINIMUM AGE:  Minimum age to join the activity is 10 years or height of 135cm.
WHAT DO YOU NEED: Swimming suit, towel, dry things to change (we do not allow to sit wet in the car), medications (if you have any)
SWIMMING KNOWLEDGE: Canyoning is a water activity, which means that you might end up in the water too deep to stand in, and that's why knowledge of swimming is required.
FITNESS LEVEL: All though Sušec is a beginner level canyon, it is still an activity, that is why a minimum fitness level is required.


Equipment is a very vital part of activities like canyoning. It provides you comfort and safety, that is why in Azimut Center we give you only the best of it. For canyoning with us, you only need to bring your swimwear, towel, dry clothes and sun cream. We will take care of everything else. We will give you 5 pieces of equipment - a helmet, neoprene suit, canyoning harness, neoprene socks and special canyoning shoes.    


Azimut Center is an official Canyoning Association of Slovenia Guide center. Canyoning is a beautiful sport as long as it is safe. This is why safety comes first with us; of course, fun is right after. But in order for you to really enjoy the beauties of canyoning, you need a guide, who will take care that the trip is firstly as safe as possible and secondly, that you will have fun every moment of it. All Azimut Center’s canyoning guides are professionally trained and have licenses as Wild water rescuers and Canyoning guides. 

Don’t worry, it’s simple! You come to our office in Tolmin, where you meet your guide, sign a waiver form, and get your canyoning equipment. Then we will drive you to the starting point in village Srpenica, where you start your adventure! Your towels, dry clothes, and other personal belongings, (except passports and larger amounts of money – you can leave them in the office), can stay in the van. Everything will await you at the parking spot at the end of the trip in Tolmin. You will change your dry clothes there, and we will drive you back to our office.


In Slovenia, a canyoning guide is unfortunately not a regulated profession, which means that practically anyone with a wild water rescuer license can take you on a canyoning trip, but according to the official opinion of the Slovenian Canyoning Association, they do not have sufficient knowledge to do so. All clients, interested in a guided canyoning trip are advised to request a guide with an up-to-date Slovenian Canyoning Association canyoning guide or assistant guide license from the company providing the activity (both licenses meet the standards for independent guiding of canyons leveled 1 - 3, which includes also the Sušec Canyon). The training of these guides is modeled on the former CIC international license, which was recognized in practically all Alpine countries and elsewhere in the world. Be your own fortune smith, choose safety!