Azimut Center Activities

Adventure Rush with Azimut Center - Explore emerald river valley

Every single activity is custom organized and shaped to your liking. With us, safety is above all. Therefore all of our guides are professionally trained and chosen among the best. Besides professional guides, a big part of safety is equipment, which is why in Azimut Center we are using only the best equipment available. Because we know the importance of family vacations, almost all of our activities are also suitable for small kids. We will make sure that activities will be fun for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest in the group. Small groups are our advantage, because with small groups every activity has a personal touch. As a result, you get the most from everything you do with us. As our motto says; tell us your wishes, or in our words: YOU SET THE AZIMUT, WE TAKE IT FROM THERE.


Azimut Hiša - apartment house is located near Tolmin center with private parking place. It has a big garden and all the apartments have either a private terrace or balcony.  It is on the way to the confluence of Tolminka and Soča, so you can walk to the beach. We are very proud of our new accomplishment this year. the whole family participated in the renovation of an old house, where we kept the original walls and floors. Our philosofy is in renovating and not destroying the old. To us our heritage is important and this is originally one of the oldest houses in Tolmin.


The Orhideja (Orchid) Apartment House is located right at the center of Tolmin. In addition to that, it has a large yard where you can park your car or bicycle. Nearby the apartment is a park with children’s playground. Even more, all the apartments have access to the internet, and by convention, guests can also order breakfast.


Hostel Hildegarden welcomes every guest with open arms and smiles. Connected to family tradition and history, as it originates from a family house, where grandma Hilda once resided. It's located near the city center and has a parking lot. Perfect for guests who want a carefree holiday in the embrace of nature and tradition.