Guided tour price, for a group up to 8 people.


Distance: 13km
Climb: 525m
Duration: Up to 4h
Difficulty: Hard





Our most delicious tour will leave you with unforgettable flavours of the traditional food of the Tolmin region. The path takes you along a narrow road past the Tolmisk Gorges and across the Devil's Bridge. There you start climbing the road leading to Chadrg village. After a long climb, you will reach a beautiful mountain with breathtaking views. On the way down, we stop at the Pr 'Jakč Summer Garden, where you are served traditional food - if you are a cheese lover you should not miss it. A trip can be made without a guide, but for a complete experience and relaxation, we deeply recommend hiring a guide who knows the trails, will present you all the hidden spots and attractions, as well as take care of your well-being.

Rafting on Soča Slovenia - Tolmin





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Everything is better with a guide. With him you will get complete experience and relaxation, he knows the trails, will present you the attractions and take care of your well-being. Price is set for a group of up to 8 people.

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