Canyoning in Slovenia - Tolmin is a perfect experience for everyone! Besides rafting or kayaking, canyoning in Soča valley is truly an activity you need to try out. Appropriate for individuals, groups, team bondings, and families with small children. The main activity during canyoning is descending through the beautiful natural gorge. With the special protective equipment, we walk, slide, rappel or jump through the canyon waterfalls, while  discovering a unique ecosystem otherwise not accessible to our eyes. Our goal is to protect it, so we leave it as we found it. Let us take you on a memorable adventure:).

Small groups
Licensed guides
Personal approach
Excellent equipment



Sušec - 65€

Easy, family-friendly canyon with beautiful pools and waterfalls, like a natural aquapark. A perfect adventure for everyone.


Pršjak - 60€

Entry-level aquatic canyon, with stunning pools mostly exposed to the sun. Suitable for all generations, families, and small children.



Fratarica - 100€

Intermediate level canyon inside the Triglav National Park, with crystal clear water and some very unique waterfalls.


Predelica - 100€

The upper part of the breathtaking canyon, with amazing waterfalls and emerald pools. Some basic canyoning skills required.



Whole Predelica - 160€

Magnificent whole day trip, inside the most beautiful - but quite demanding canyon, with lots of high rappels and jumps. Advanced canyoning skills required.


Globoški potok - 150€

Only for the bravest adventurers! This canyon gives you unforgettable memories and load full of adrenalin. Advanced canyoning skills required.

Canyoning in Slovenia - Tolmin region 

What is canyoning? Canyoning is a water activity where you follow the flow of water down a gorge. You use different techniques to do so, such as sliding, jumping, and rope rappelling. Canyoning in Slovenia is one of the most popular activities. You can do canyoning in different regions of Julian Alps, but certainly, the best place is the Soča Valley - in which Tolmin is the largest city.  There are many canyons in this region, most of them in Triglav National Park, so they are closed for canyoning, but some of them are still open and ready for exploration.

We can offer simple family trips, lots of slides and jumps, suitable for the youngest members of your family, as well as harder trips with higher waterfalls and more technically challenging descents.

For those of you who want more, we offer Canyoning School. Here we teach you how to become an active canyon explorer, and with that, you can join us on canyoning trips around the world.

Canyoning association of Slovenia


Azimut Center is an official Canyoning Association of Slovenia Guide center.

Canyoning is a beautiful sport as long as it is safe. This is why with us safety is first, and of course, fun is right after. But in order for you to really enjoy the beauties of canyoning, you need a guide, who will take care that the trip is firstly as safe as possible and secondly, that you will have fun every moment of it. All Azimut Center's canyoning guides are professionally trained and have a license of Wild water rescuers and Canyoning guides.

So when you go on tour with us, you can be sure that you are in the best hands possible.