Most na Soči


Guided tour price, for a group up to 8 people.


Distance: 13,6km
Climb: 158m
Duration: Up to 4h
Difficulty: Family-Friendly – Easy





This beautiful circular trail will take you to some of the best swimming places on the Soča river. Mostly you will cycle on non-traffic roads, except for a few small parts where you have to go on the main road. You start by driving to village Volče, from where the road takes you around hill Mengore and down to the emerald lake of Soča river in Most na Soči. Here you can check out bridge over a river and even jump from it if you are brave enough or  you can go swimming in the lake. On the way back you pass the confluence of rivers Tolminka and Soča from where you follow the road back to Tolmin. A trip can be made without a guide, but for a complete experience and relaxation, we deeply recommend hiring a guide who knows the trails, will present you all the hidden spots and attractions, as well as take care of your well-being.





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Everything is better with a guide. With him you will get complete experience and relaxation, he knows the trails, will present you the attractions and take care of your well-being. Price is set for a group of up to 8 people.

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