Two-day cycling trip with E-Bike rental for 60€ per person!

Start a stunning cycling adventure coloured by the historical, natural and culinary culture of the Soča Valley. You don't need excessive cycling fitness for a two-day trip, as we have prepared top-quality E-bikes for you, which makes the package suitable for just about everyone! You can make the trips yourself, as you will receive all the instructions and a map with a marked route in our reception office. However, if you want to completely relax and enjoy nature, views and history, you can hire a Trip Leader – he will make sure that you are constantly on the right track without looking at the map. In case you higher, we give you a 15% discount on the price of E-Bike rental.


We equip you with a top-quality E-bike with which you will easily overcome the ascents on the way!


Two beautiful full-day trips with unforgettable views in the vicinity of Tolmin and Kobarid await you.


During the trips, you will visit 4 stunning historical sightseeings, and all the time you will be in beautiful nature.

The adventure begins in our reception office in the centre of Tolmin. We give you your bikes and all the necessary protective equipment and then you start. Your first stop is the famous Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca, and from there the path takes you along the Devil's Bridge over the Tolminka Gorge, high on the other side of the Tolminka, to the summer garden Pr 'Jakču. Here you can refresh yourself with a drink, and if you want, eat an excellent lunch made according to the recipes of the old Tolmin shepherds, and all the time there is a beautiful view of the valley in front of you. Your last stop on this day is the German charnel house, located near the town and just above the banks of the Soča. At the end of the day, you return to the reception office, where we give you information for the second trip, which is already waiting for you the next morning.

On the second day of your adventure, you head in the direction of Kobarid. You cycle along the beautiful Soča all the time until you come to the Napoleon Bridge. Here you can decide whether you want to see the Kozjak waterfall, which is 15 minutes away from the bridge, but in any case, you will continue your way across the bridge to the city centre. There you will see the Italian charnel house and make a short stop for lunch of your choice. If you wish, you can also visit the Kobarid Museum of the First World War with unique displays of fighting and life during the first world war. From there you continue towards Kolovrat - an open-air museum with a breathtaking view. There is only a short descent left and you are already back in Tolmin.

On the way...

Javorca Church

High above the Tolminka riverbed rises a wooden sanctuary - the memorial church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca. It is dedicated to the fallen Austro-Hungarian defenders of the Tolmin battlefield of the Isonzo Front.

German charnel house

Not far from Tolmin, at the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka rivers, the German state built an ossuary in 1938, in which the remains of German soldiers who fell on the battlefield in the vicinity of Tolmin are buried.

Italian charnel house

The military monument, which is the only ossuary of fallen Italian soldiers in Slovenia, was opened in 1938 by Benito Mussolini. The remains of 7,014 fallen Italian soldiers were transferred to the ossuary.


During the First World War, the Italian army built an extensive system of the third line of defence on Kolovrat, called the "linea d 'armata", part of which is now an open-air museum with magnificent view.

With extra charge...

Tolminka gorge

The circular path leads us through the wild gorge of Tolminka and Zadlaščica, which merge into the beautiful confluence.

Letni vrt Pr' Jakču

In the summer garden Pr ’Jakču, located above the beautiful Tolminka gorge, you can refresh with local specialities.

Waterfall Kozjak

Not far from Kobarid, above the emerald Soča, is the gorge of the Kozjak stream, in which the 15-meter high Kozjak waterfall stands out.

Kobarid Museum

The Kobarid Museum is the centre of presenting the heritage of the Isonzo Front in Slovenia, Europe and the world.





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The Orhideja (Orchid) Apartment House is located right at the center of Tolmin. In addition to that, it has a large yard where you can park your car or bicycle. Nearby the apartment is a park with children’s playground. Even more, all the apartments have access to the internet, and by convention, guests can also order breakfast.

Hotel Dvorec invites you to its pleasant and homely atmosphere. Here you can relax, get a good night’s sleep and enjoy selected food, served in the arched castle vault from the 17th century. This hotel is also an excellent starting point for your holidays and outdoor activities in Soča valley.