Sit on Top Kayaking in Slovenia - Soča valley is beside canyoning the best activity we have to offer. We are using sit-on-top kayaks, which are suitable also for families with small children. Sit-on-top kayaking is fun and safe for anyone who has the first contact with paddling on the river. We offer two kayaking trips; Volarje-Tolmin; an amazing trip through the most stunning part of the emerald river. Appropriate for kids aged 6+ (sits with the guide), above 11 years old get their own kayak :). Most na Soči; is also a very beautiful trip. Most of the time you paddle on a calm part of the Soča river, so it's very similar to paddling a kayak on a lake. Suitable for very small children - 4 years old plus.

Small groups
Licensed guides
Personal approach
Excellent equipment


Kajak standard 48€

1,5h on the river

Kajak easy 45€

1,5h on the river






Well, as the name implies, sit-on-top kayaks lack an enclosed cockpit, and thus, rather than the paddler being positioned inside of the kayak, at or below the water level, they are instead positioned on top of the kayak above the water's surface. Therefore, this type of kayak is by far the most popular design among beginning paddlers. The sit-on-top kayak does not make a paddler feel like he is trapped inside of the kayak, and in the event of turning around, he can freely swim out of it. Sit-on-top kayaks are also more stable than the traditional kayaks, that is why they are much easier to maneuver, and chances of turning around are much lower.





When it comes to safety in outdoor activities, there are two important things that you should always check: Professional licensed guides and flawless equipment. In Azimut Center, we can assure the best guides possible. All of our kayaking guides are specially trained and have a Wild water rescuer license, which is legally obligated license by Slovenian Ministry of defense - URSZR.

Equipment is a very vital part of activities like kayaking or rafting. It provides you comfort and safety, that is why in Azimut Center we give you only the best of it. For kayaking with us, you only need to bring your swimwear, towel, dry clothes and sun cream. We will take care of everything else. You will get 5 pieces of equipment - kayaking helmet, life jacket over an anorak, 3mm neoprene, and kayaking shoes. 

Soča and Tolminka river

Part of river Soča that runes close to Tolmin is calmer than the upper part near Bovec and Kobarid, but no less beautiful. You can find amazing places right next to crystal clear emerald-green water where you can spend the whole day jumping and having fun with your friends and family. Because of easier level rapids, this part is perfect for more entry-level rafting and kayaking trips, suitable also for families with small children. Sit on Top Kayaking in Slovenia is growing populous very fast on many rivers, but Soča is certainly the best of its kind when it comes to river boating. Furthermore in Tolmin, you can also visit another river running right from the Triglav National Park.
River Tolminka will leave you speechless, whit it's amazing Tolmin gorges that are one of the most popular sightseeing in Soča Valley. Tolmin gorges are the lowest point entry of Triglav National Park, and inside you can see attractions like Bear's head, Devil's bridge, and even hot spring of thermal water. Believe us it truly is worth visiting.

Rafting on Soča Slovenia - Tolmin