Canyoning Pršjak

60.00 5 hours

Entry-level aquatic canyon, suitable for all generations, families, and small children.

Difficulty: Easy – Appropriate for kids aged 8+

Duration: 2-3 h

Equipment you need: Swimwear, towel, dry clothes



When canyoning in Pršjak, adventure already starts on our hike to the beginning of the canyon. We cross a hanging bridge like the one from Indiana Jones and continue on the nice path with some beautiful views. From the start, we have nice slides and small jumps that can be repeated a few times. Amazing pools with crystal clear water mostly exposed to the sun, are making this canyon very unique. In the middle, 30m rappeled slide over the biggest waterfall awaits us. After that, we have a few more slides and jumps and a nice walk through the gorge back to the car.



Equipment is a very vital part of activities like canyoning. It provides you comfort and safety, that is why in Azimut Center we give you only the best of it. For canyoning with us, you only need to bring your swimwear, towel, dry clothes and sun cream. We will take care of everything else.

We will give you 5 pieces of equipment:

      Alpinistic Helmet                  7mm neoprene                Canyoning harness          5mm neoprene socks           Adidas terrex shoes               

Canyoning Upper Predilica - Azimut Center


Licensed guides

Azimut Center is an official Canyoning Association of Slovenia Guide center.

Canyoning is a beautiful sport as long as it is safe. This is why with us safety is first, and of course, fun is right after. But in order for you to really enjoy the beauties of canyoning, you need a guide, who will take care that the trip is firstly as safe as possible and secondly, that you will have fun every moment of it. All Azimut Center’s canyoning guides are professionally trained and have a license of Wild water rescuers and Canyoning guides.



Trip logistics

Don’t worry, it’s simple!

You come to our office in Tolmin, where you meet your guide, sign a waiver form, and get your canyoning equipment. Then we will drive you to the starting point in Dolenja Trebuša valley, from where you start your adventure! Your towels, dry clothes, and other personal belongings, (except passports and larger amounts of money – you can leave in the office), can stay in the van. Everything will await you on the parking spot at the end of the trip in Tolmin. There you will change to your dry clothes, and we will drive you back to our office.


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