Sit on top trip – Most na Soči

45.00 3 hours

Difficulty: Very Easy – Appropriate for kids aged 4+

Duration: 1,5 – 2h on the water

Where: From Tolmin to Most na Soči – 5km

Equipment you need: Swimwear, towel, dry clothes, sun cream



Family kayaking from Tolmin to Most na Soči is a unique activity. We offer Sit on Top kayaks that are perfect for trips like this because they are light and easy to maneuver. Sit on Top trip from Tolmin to Most na Soči is suitable for everyone. The activity is meant especially for families with children 4+. On this part of Soča, we don’t have any rapids, so it is just easy paddling and enjoying in pristine nature. At least one guide (depending on the group size) with a license of wild water rescuer will accompany you on the trip. He will take care of your well-being and safety, as well as teach you how to paddle.



Equipment is a very vital part of activities like kayaking or rafting. It provides you comfort and safety, that is why in Azimut Center we give you only the best of it. For kayaking with us, you only need to bring your swimwear, towel, dry clothes and sun cream. We will take care of everything else. 

We will give you 5 pieces of equipment:

          Kayaking Helmet                  Life Jacket                          Anorak                         3mm neoprene                   Kayaking shoes               

Kayaking Tolmin - Azimut Center


Trip logistics

Don’t worry it’s simple!

You come to our office in Tolmin, where you meet your guide, sign a waiver form, and get your kayaking equipment. Then we will drive you to the starting point just outside Tolmin, from where you start your adventure! Your towels, dry clothes, and other personal belongings (except passports and larger amounts of money – you can leave in the office) can stay in the van. Everything will await you on the parking spot at the end of the trip in Most na Soči. There you will change to your dry clothes and we will drive you back to our office.

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