Apartment Azimut 2

Davek vključen.

Azimut 2 is a first-floor apartment with an entrance through the main entrance to the house. It is our second biggest apartment with 2 bedrooms. One has a queen-sized bed and the other one 160cm size bed. The larger bed can be separated into 2 smaller beds.

The apartment had 1 bathroom and kitchen with dining and living areas. All basic supplies are provided with a toaster, water heater, microwave, and coffee machine.

All our apartments have air-conditioning and for heating, we use IR panels.

Maximum number of adults is 4, together with children 5. Sofa can be made into bed.


For rafting on the Soča river, you only need to bring your equipment – Swimwear, towel, dry clothes and sun cream. We will take care of everything else. Equipment is very important when it comes to safety, that’s is why you will get the best equipment on the market.

Don’t worry it is simple! You come to our office in Tolmin, where you will meet your guide, sign waiver form and get your kayaking equipment. Then you will drive with our van to the start point just outside the village Srpenica, from here you start your adventure! Your towels, dry clothes and other personal belongings (except passports and bigger amounts of money) can stay in the van. Everything will await you on the parking spot at the end of the trip in Trnovo. There you will change to your dry clothes and we will drive you back to our office.

Azimut Hiša Apartment House

Azimut Hiša, an old townhouse dating back to 1900, stands adjacent to Tolmin's historic center. Throughout its history, it has undergone multiple renovations, including a comprehensive overhaul in 2021 after being acquired by the Azimut Center agency. The focus during renovation was on maintaining the original exterior while completely transforming the interior into modern apartments. The property boasts a spacious fenced garden, with each apartment offering its own area for leisure and relaxation. Additionally, free private parking is available for guests. The house, in its current state, is the culmination of a family project, with each member contributing significantly and taking great pride in their collective efforts. The house does not yet have its own reception, but our office is conveniently located just 5 minutes away and accessible during its operating hours. Additionally, we remain reachable nearly around the clock via phone or email for any assistance you may need. Nearby, you'll find various amenities including cafes, a gas station, a tourist information center, shops, pharmacies, and more. As guests of the apartment house, you'll also enjoy a 15% discount on all our services.

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